Designer with a Business Twist

Glad to see you here! My name is Jussi Virtanen and I’m a business oriented designer concentrating on User Experience.

Portrait Image of Jussi


Testimonial Heikki Yrjölä
“Jussi has designed all the latest online stores for our retail chains and the quality has been great! Customers have preferred the new design and that definitely is the most desirable outcome for us.”

Heikki Yrjölä | Kesko / Musta Pörssi

Testimonial Jesse Peurala
“Jussi designed our whole brand according to our wishes. Results were great and I can highly recommend Jussi's work. No BS here - only creative ideas. Great!”

Jesse Peurala | Fraktio

Testimonial Johanna Koskinen
“Jussi immediately understood the feeling we wanted to convey. It's so easy and relieving to buy services from a person to whom you really don't have to explain everything from a scratch."

Johanna Koskinen | Ruohonjuuri

“We're very satisfied with the co-operation with Jussi. He wasn't only a graphic designer, but also presented his own ideas and visions and felt more like a part of the development team.”

Jouni Suutarinen | BiiSafe


It was around fifteen years ago when I found myself wondering why some pieces of design seemed and felt better than others. The somewhat vague distinction between good and phenomenal bugged me, meaning that I could easily tell if something stood out from the crowd but not necessarily pinpoint why.

It wasn't until only a few years ago the principles started to unfold. It struck me that design is much more than what meets the eye. Excellent design is built upon strong principles, intuitive patterns and underlying rules. It's about behavioral understanding and affection. It's about quality and hard work.

Delivering top quality is the cornerstone of my business. As a M.Sc. in Economics my design is business driven and I'm fairly confident in stating that I get things quickly. I'm willing to go the extra mile to realize the big picture and find ways to fulfill my customers' needs with unique, intuitive and sustainable solutions.