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Brands I've designed

Although I nowadays focus on user interface design and development, I've designed several brands in the past. Designing a brand, especially its visual representation, is intriguing: The visual brand is usually the first impression of a company. How do the colors make you feel? How well does the typography suit what the company is doing? What does the shape imply? A good brand conveys answers to all of these questions and then some.

Logos designed by Jussi Virtanen
A logo is only a part of a brand. Here are some logos I've designed during the years as part of larger branding projects.
Equilibrium logo on a light and a dark background
When a logo is based on a shape instead of colors, it also works without color.
Vanilla logo construction
A hint of brown in typography works well with orange.
Blidz logo construction
Using shapes like circles and ellipses ensures a smooth end result.
Blidz presentation deck
A combination of a short text and one image is easy to remember.
Feedbackly logo construction
Even spacing is one way to ensure consistency in a logo.
A logo proposal
A discarded logo proposal for a client.
Smilehouse logo in a flag
A good logo is recognizable in various settings, especially in a lively medium such as a flag.