Jussi Virtanen

Design engineer. Interface maker. Pixel perfectionist. Generalist. Chief Product Officer at MeetingPackage. From Finland.



I wrote my first lines of HTML when I was ten years old. Since then, I've experimented with different areas of design, such as drawing, 3D modeling, graphic design, photography and building UIs. Through these experiments, I've become a generalist with a holistic approach to design.

I started freelancing in 2008. After graduating from Aalto university (M.Sc. in economics) in 2011, I've focused professionally on UI design. You can call me the glue between business, design and technology.

I've worked in a startup (Venuu) and have invested in two (Lifeclass and MeetingPackage).


I use React, TypeScript, Tailwind and Next.js, although I have also used Gatsby, Vue, Eleventy and Jekyll. Outside the browser, I use pen, paper and Figma. For more about the tools and software I use, visit my uses page.


I've been fortunate to work with over 100 clients, including Smartly, Eazybreak, Freska, Leadfeeder, Duunitori, Nosto, Barona, Pukkila, Venuu, Boksi, Feedbackly, GameRefinery, MeetingPackage, Zippie, Videolle, Speechly, Lifeclass, MarhsallAI, Equilibrium, Mygamez, Ruohonjuuri, PwC and YOU. Go ahead and view selected work.