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Where creators and brands meet

Boksi offers a platform that brings content creators and brands together. Their platform is built for consumers (creators) and businesses (brands), a pleasurable challenge for a designer.

Link to this headingWeb application

A modern web application consists of components. I've designed many of the components in Figma, and even developed some of them in the frontend with Vue.js.

Boksi UI components
A consistent set of UI components is beneficial for both developers and users.

I've helped Boksi to introduce new features regularly. We first begin with a concept and then proceed to a design proposal. Depending on the complexity of the task, we might need to create new components. Sometimes we're lucky, and the existing components will suffice.

Boksi campaign calendar view
As with this calendar view, a minimal and functional result is achieved by removing all the unnecessary content and actions.

In addition to components, I've designed custom icons for the UI. Details like this help Boksi to differentiate from the competition.

Boksi icon set
Application iconography benefits from a consistent approach. In this case, it means having a 2px stroke and single-color icons.

Link to this headingWebsite

When it was time to build a new website for Boksi, we had planning sessions to identify the goals of the redesign. We decided to start from scratch. I chose Gatsby (React) for the frontend and Contentful for the headless CMS.

Boksi website
Bold typography combined with light colors emphasizes the website's content.

The website has brought in new customers, which was our primary goal. With a focus on site speed, accessibility, and quality content – the typical SEO tasks – we improved the site's search engine rankings.

The bold typography, bright colors and top-notch imagery make the website feel fresh and attract potential customers.

Mobile versions of Boksi website and SaaS
Designs for both Boksi's website and service are optimized for mobile use.

That's it! Feel free to contact me if you want to take your designs and implementations to the next level.

Get in touch

I'm not currenlty looking for freelancer work, but if you want to have a chat, feel free to contact me.