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My favorite Alfred features

Boost your productivity with Alfred

Alfred is an app to replace macOS Spotlight search. The two features I use the most with Alfred are:

  1. Clipboard history
  2. Snippets

Link to this headingClipboard history

Clipboard history does what it says on the tin: whatever you copy to your clipboard (files, images or text), is stored for later use.

Alfred clipboard history
Alfred's clipboard history can be helpful when looking for content you stored earlier. It works for files, images and text.

You can even append to your clipboard by double-clicking c in your copy command (cmd + c). You can also remove the history at any time.

Link to this headingSnippets

The second feature, snippets, is helpful if you find typing the same content multiple times. Snippets are triggered by a keyword you can define for each snippet. For example, if I type !times, the snippet transforms to a multiplication sign: ×. I use an exclamation mark in all of my snippets to ensure I don't accidentally trigger them.

Snippets can also be dynamic. For example, if I type !today, the output will be today's date in a format of yyyy-mm-dd-, which I use to prepend particular filenames. You can also group snippets into collections.

Alfred snippets view
Snippets can be grouped into collections based on their intended use case.

I use snippets mainly for addresses, email addresses, account numbers and special characters. If I find myself writing the same thing multiple times, I consider converting that into a snippet. It saves me time and removes the fear of mistyping critical information.

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